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MPR Construction Estimating Service was established in 1989 by Mark Philip Ray - a skilled professional with over 20 years of pricing experience. He and his associates have a comprehensive knowledge of fabrication drawings and specifications, as well as electrical, mechanical and pneumatic schematics.

We offer our construction cost estimating services to Architects, Engineering Firms, Owners, Cities & Towns, and School Boards.

Our Connecticut, Massachusettes and Rhode Island projects include but are not limited to: Schools, Fire/Police Stations, Libraries, Restaurants, Government Buildings, Office Buildings, Multi Unit Residential Senior/Assisted Living, Religious Facilities, Community Centers, and Postal Facilities.
Mission Statement

MPR Construction Estimating Service is committed to providing the most up-to-date and accurate cost estimates available to the construction industry. We aim to give our construction-related clients quality cost estimating services to meet their budgets and deadlines.

MPR Construction Estimating Service
P.O. Box 2161
Manchester, CT 06045
(860) 649-3281
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